Infermatic’s simple design makes it user-friendly for everyone, allowing them to focus on their work without getting overwhelmed by complicated features.


 Infermatic scales with your business, providing you with the necessary resources at any stage of growth or change.


Infermatic prioritizes security through robust measures like regular system updates and strong encryption to safeguard your data.

Our Offerings 

TotalGPT Free 

Limited generations per minute with a shorter length.

60 token responses, 300 requests per day.

No API access.

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TotalGPT Plus 

$20/mo $15/mo

More generations per minute with a much longer length and very high daily limits. Includes API access.

512 token responses, 86,400 requests per day.

API: No daily request limits, 18 requests per min, max 2 parallel request

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Infermatic Commercial API 

Integrate with bespoke hosting models accessibly via API-only.

Quantity of API requests customized by your needs.

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We take the Ops out of MLOps.

Deploy state-of-the-art models
with just a few lines of code.

Infermatic supports multiple deep learning frameworks, including:

G2G: Geek-to-Geek

Looking for our sales department? We don’t have one. Infermatic is by geeks, for geeks. We’re passionate about this technology and want to reach others who are as well. Infermatic is unique because we connect the customer directly to the model via our API endpoint—no provisioning, no configuration, and no cold starts.

Reach your dreams

We focus on giving you the best experience when using our service:

  • state-of-the-art hosting for advanced ML models.
  • fine-tuning robust API’s
  • Privacy: We don’t log any of the models outputs or prompts
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